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Wed, Oct. 4th, 2006, 10:12 am
Killing Time...

Wut up, yo? Trying to kill time. I got Desi up, fed, dressed and out the door for school this morning. Waiting for the baby to wake up. Nothing really new going on...as usual. Still working the same job. We're starting to prep for Christmas...::.::cries::.::

Been trying to stay in touch with friends as much as I can. D and I saw Corri and Don a week or two ago. They came down to D's house. Corri and I sat around bullshitting all night while D showed Don World of warcraft.

Yesterday we went to visit our friends John and Poe. Poe has to go for knee surgery, so we wanted to see her before she left to just chill and wish her good luck with everything.

I better get going, I think I hear Lil D stirring around.

Take care!

Much love!