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Mon, Jul. 19th, 2004, 05:16 am

Hey guys.  How's everyone been?  I know it has been a long time.  I just never have time anymore.  I am always working and I usual go out right after to work when I come home I just crash and burn.

Went to Ozzfest on Friday!  A-fucking-mazing!  I have sunburn like a motherfucker, but it's cool.  I went with Dale, Patrick, Seth, John, Julie, Steve J., Sean, Dana, Stephine, Tuckerman, Chad, Abby, and Justin.  It was awesome!  I didn't really get to see anyone on second stage b/c we were all tailgating in the parking lot until noon.  I got to see Unearth, Hatebreed, Slipknot, ...uhm...damn...there was more...but too tired to remember.  We all eventually broke off into our own little groups.  I knew Steve was going to want to go in to pits with the rest of the guys, so I got to pal around with Julie.  We had fun.  I had fun just walking around with her showing her all the cool stands.  It was hers, John's, and Sean R's first Ozzfest.  So they had a great time! :)

I was supposed to go to one of Will's shows on Saturday to go see him and his band Severence at Club Krome.  Unfortunately, b/c of Ozzfest and my sunburn, I didn't go.  I was just way to exhausted to go to another show and deal with more pits.  Instead I hung out with John and Missy in Point.  Then Theresa, Megan T., and myself went out to Seaside.  Good times...good times...

Work has been bullshit, bet everyone can relate.

Home has been decent.  Some points are up, some points are down.  But that's usually how it goes.

I haven't been to bed yet and I'm getting kinda sleepy.  So until next time kiddies...which will hopefully be sooner than my recent postings...take care...talk to you guys later...

xoxo @-->--

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