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Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here

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22 June 1984
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I am me. You want to know more...ask! :) Or you can check me out here ~~~~~~> http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=6273233&Mytoken=20050708141744
affection, afterlife, anger, animals, anime, anne rice, anything black, anything relating to dreams, anything relating to fantasies, art, astronomy, beauty, billards, body modification--tats and piercings, books, butterflies, cameras, candles, cartoons, cats, cigarettes, computers, concerts, craziness, creativity, cuddling, dancing, dee snider's strangeland, dogs, donnie darko, dragonball/z/gt, dragons, drawing, dvds, edgar allan poe, emotions, faeries, family guy, fetishes, fighting, fire, friends, ghosts, goth music, gothic things, goths, hanging out, hockey, honesty, horoscope, horror flicks, horror movies, hot topic, hugs, humor, hunter s. thompson, imagination, individuality, intellect, internet, inuyasha, invader zim, jay and silent bob, journals, kevin smith movies, kisses, knives, laughing, leather, led zepplin, life, lighters, lightning, livejournals, loud obnoxious rock music, love, makeup, making love, matches, memories, monty python, moon, motorcycles, movies, muscle cars, museums, music, mythology, new jersey, new jersey devils, new york, new york jets, new york mets, nightmares, nintendo, non-conformity, observing people, open minded people, painting, people, poetry, porn, rain, reading, revenge, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, screaming, secrets, sex, shouting, sleeping, smoking, smoking up!, spencers, stars, sunrises, sunsets, superstitions, surprises, swords, tattoos, the crow, the night, thoughts, thunder, vampire hunter d, vampires, video games, weird nj, william shakespeare, witches, writing, wwe, yu yu hakusho, zodiac

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